#1 T-Shirt And Uniform Printing in KL Malaysia

MDT Garment started operations in 2012 as a professional garment maker specializing in printing customized and ready-made t-shirt and uniform for business and leisure. MDT has worked hard to develop, fulfill and deliver the best quality uniform and t-shirt for its customers and hence, achieving the company's principle of ensuring ultimate customer experience. At MDT, we transform ideas into reality.

Today, MDT Garment offers comprehensive services for apparel manufacturing, from custom t-shirt design, t-shirt printing, uniform design, uniform printing, embroidery service to ready made t-shirt and uniform. We are accessible through our branches domestically throughout East and West Malaysia and also internationally, focusing mainly in South East Asia. We work to ensure the production of high quality fabrics.

Company Philosophy

MDT Garment focuses on attaining recycled traditional fabrics sourced from around the world and transform them into timeless, wearable collections.

At MDT, we believe in product recycling and effective waste management in order to play a part to green our planet. Drawstrings replaces the need for plastic or synthetic fixings. Material remnants are recycled as trimmings or embellishments.

Garments are designed so that they are adjustable to the ever changing needs and wants of the customer.

MDT Garment collections are made in Malaysia. They are produced direct from the MDT factory in Mayang Industrial Park, Petaling Jaya.

Our Key Clients